Warrior Plus and JVzoo

I think the platforms were originally created for people that normally couldn’t launch products without serious capital, but now I don’t know. Little by little my trust is eroding away because the quality checks and support for the new products have been horrible. The new vendors just launch half-ass products without it being finished and after the 30-day money back guarantee, most of the vendors pretty much say… “fu$k it, we’ve made our money.” I know I am probably one of the larger buyers off these two platforms and I could get my money back for most of them, but I keep hoping someone will actually update their product like it was advertised and as they promise but they never do. Most of the time, if they do update their software, they release it as new software so you just have to take the chance and buy the crap all over again. It’s a 50-50 chance it will work as promised. Not all of the sellers are bad and I have purchased some really handy stuff. Simple Video Management actually supported their product and it appears to be working. Matthew McDonald pretty much sells me exactly what I am looking for all the time and he supports his product. Guess what? I will keep buying from them.


What makes me ill is all the fake reviews of products that are out there because they are just lying. I am fixing to make a list of all the products but if you just sign up on these platforms for free, you can see the ratings of a lot of these sellers and you wouldn’t trust the hype at all. I have purchased something and find the brand new seller has barely received a rating of 2 stars. There is a reason for that. I wish these two platforms would start cleaning-house and get rid of some of the riff-raff. I don’t know what I can trust anymore, especially when some of them are being promoted by some of the more well-known product creators and sellers.


Every once in a while I get a nugget from some of the traffic idea companies but it is short-lived because pretty soon everyone is doing the same thing and you are going after the same crowd. Everyone is going after popular local niches and it just becomes a price war. Not to say that niches aren’t cool, it’s just everyone is going after template niches like lawyers, Doctors, Dentists, AC Repair, Plumbers so I just find my own niches and use the traffic process for getting Website and video design business. The info is good, but all the DONE FOR YOU (DFY) stuff is useless. I started calling dentists for about a day or two and was literally told that I sounded like one of the car warranty services because we call so much. If they are getting calls like that, they aren’t going to listen very often.


I probably feel like I was let down by Paul Ponna the most though. I have purchased a lot of his stuff and then he had the big offer, VIDEO PlATFORM. It looked so good that I purchased the big package and paid $697. I kept waiting for the updates and upgrades but they never happened. In fact, if you want the good stuff you must upgrade to the monthly plan, and I have yet to see the benefit.


I am just informing you that almost everything you see on these two platforms is marketing hype, followed by marketing hope, then marketing hoax. If you have any specific questions I will answer them and this review will be followed up with more details later.


Update: 9/5/23 Pretty much the same old thing with every product released on these platforms. They aren’t good. Nearly every product I have purchased over 3 years has stopped being supported for the most part, and nearly everything is they promised they would fix, only becomes a new and improved product that isn’t considered an update.  Even Matthew McDonald, Neil Napier and Todd Gross is now on the same path.  I have been the most surprised by Matthew McDonald but WP Audio Streamer is still non functioning after nearly a year and a bunch of promises it would be fixed one day. 


It is a system by design, and don’t believe it is any different. I will only purchase the item if I have a client that can use a temporary fix. Don’t set something up for a customer, as a permanent fix, or service. You will just lose your customer, or pay through the nose to replace the service you previously sold them in the first place. 

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