MINGLE Review – Don’t buy yet

At this point, and going on 4 days with no service, I can’t provide a review better than a “0”. Once again, it appears to be all hype and no functionality, or support. I sent them a video link after the original registration link didn’t even recognize my email or have me in the system. They responded in about 7 hours but that was better than days, or so I thought. They sent me a new registration link and that is when I went into purgatory. As you can see by the screenshot and video, they sent me to an area where I had no functionality or subscriptions associated with me.

Select the video and you be the judge

After this video, I received BOT responses that gave me a new registration link, that took me back to the same area. It wasn’t until I said to respond with a real person or refund me, that I received an email that informed me I would be up and running today. Again, the concept is great but the follow-through and execution of a brand new product are terrible at this point. If you want to jerk with something for days then this is for you, otherwise, stick to what is working in regards to hosting and video hosting. I can’t recommend any one-time payment, lifetime hosting yet but I can recommend some pretty good video hosting companies that will absolutely help you out with your current hosting capabilities. Let someone else carry the burden of large video files so your website can run faster and more efficiently.

There are 2 of the services and I will rank them as to what works the best and why.

  1. Viid Cloud
  2. Motvio

I think Motvio is pretty good but it is more expensive, and you have to start purchasing more storage space after 20 gb. If you get into some big commercial videos, you will be getting into some pretty big expenses, compared to the other two.

Cloud Squad works great but it doesn’t offer landing pages or splash pages for the videos. It does have its own player, like what I have used above, but it if you are just looking to get a link and put it on to your wordpress like I just did, Cloud Squad is for you. UPDATE: This one stopped working and no response for support.

My pick is Viid Cloud because it can be used as a stand-alone service if you are selling or promoting a service. You can use it as its own sales page without a website or domain. You can also, get the link, just like Cloud Squad but it is a little more cumbersome and you have to know the link to select to get just the .MP4 link. That is my only gripe about the service. It is a little pricier but I like it for all the selling capabilities for videos.

These are the only video hosting companies that I think are decent, without paying a lot. If you wait around for 2 minutes or so, JVZoo and Warrior plus will come out with some AmazeBALLS – amazing, or they will definitely tell you it is amazeballs-amazing.

Update: Mingle finally got me up but it was literally terrible. Videos wouldn’t upload, 5-6 days was the time they said it would get my hosting up and running, instead of 3-4 hours, and forget about the cloud storage because it was a white label product for Instadrive, or a clone, which is worse. Never refunded my money after a month. I have to go to my credit card company and paypal.

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