WAPO Stats

I made this video a while back when the narrative was being thrown around about the systemic racism and murder of black people, specifically black men by police officers. When the George Floyd murder happened, immediately the gaslighting started again and it was reported that these murders were getting out of control and the biggest threat to people of color was systemically racist police officers. I am not going to use some conservative article or database to discredit the BS. No, I am going to use the very liberal Washington Post Database that clearly points out it is a ridiculous narrative. Even on the WAPO database page though, they still push the narrative, even though their own database contradicts their claims.


You see, at the height of all the violent protests, looting, rioting, murdering, etc… Can you guess how many unarmed black people were killed by police that year? 18, and of that 18, 17 were male. That was an increase of 4 over the previous year, of which my video points out the deaths of unarmed black people the previous year of George Floyd’s murder occurring. Considering there are over 9000 murders in black communities, primarily perpetrated by other members within black communities, to believe the police are the biggest threats to POC of a ludicrous notion. Let’s add a little more to the story. Only 8 were not fleeing the scene and led the police on a chase, which drastically increased their odds of being shot by law enforcement. It’s hard to make quick life-and-death decisions in the dark when someone turns around quickly with something in their hands. These aren’t racist stats… They are THE stats or the inconvenient truths.


Basically, we have a problem with a few cops but to call things systemically racist is just false when you have 18 fatal shootings of unarmed black people and the police have literally hundreds of thousands of interactions with people of color every day. 18 deaths are nothing to sneeze at and it’s terrible when anyone dies negligently at a police officer’s hand so let’s be clear about that now. I am just saying it definitely isn’t the single biggest threat against black communities.


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