NICEPAGE Grade – F! Real Review

In a nutshell, it is nice in theory, but it is terrible. I purchased the pro version and it has been nothing but problems and priority support means you get answered in a couple of days. So, what is the biggest problems?


Primarily it is in the headers and footers. You can’t just edit the headers and footer within the plugin on your WordPress site and make it go global on your site. The edits won’t transfer to your blog or post pages. So, you have to go back to the desktop version, make the changes, publish, then choose another theme, upload the new theme (without content so just the header and footer pull over to your site), then activate your new theme. Then, it is a 50-50 shot if it pulls over to your site.


Also, it appears that every time a new Plugin update happens, you will need to do this on all your websites because the headers and footers will be distorted, and this last time, it defaulted the hamburger menu with password protection on the page (so it can’t be viewed by the public). Here is just a sample of the what happens and it just threw my email in the menu for good measure and I can’t delete it. I have pushed the theme headers only 2 different times but I get the same result as follows.

I have given the product NicePage for over a year now and it happens pretty much every time an update occurs. Sometimes publishing a new theme header works, and sometimes it doesn’t. If I could get my money back I would. It just makes sense to use something else entirely because you will waste so much time and money editing and waiting for solutions when you could actually be making money with someone else’s product.

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