Let’s do the math and find the truth hidden in propaganda

330 million US POP

At the end of 2020, 100 million people had been infected. Actual reported cases were like 60 million but…

According to a major research article by Nature, as reported by the NIH, those reports don’t account for asymptomatic people that were infected but didn’t show any signs of sickness. The US didn’t test any non-sick people for the most part. So, those never got reported or tallied. This is a fact.

These stats came in before the Omicron virus which was much more contagious but less lethal than Delta. Another massive fact.

Why is this important? By October 2020, 1/3 of the US had Covid, and we just started to get a vaccine out we had roughly 353k deaths. These are facts and easily looked up.

However, using nearly double the rate of infection with the omicron variant, the death toll in 2021 was more than in 2020, nearly 1.2 million, with a vaccine, and 70% vaccinated. Another fact easily looked up, even though omicron was less lethal.

Here is where things get fuzzy quick

All things considered, that didn’t stop the faster rate of infection among non-vaccinated people, nor did it stop asymptomatic infections among non-vaccinated.

Then, the CDC had to admit that natural immunity was actually more effective than the vaccine but still urged the vaccine because…their answer was “why take the chance with the disease when you could die, just to get natural immunity.”

If the rate of infection escalated with omicron, and more people died, using that same scientific method used by Nature research, nearly 2/3 of the country would have been infected. You can’t have more deaths and fewer infections, especially when the omicron variant is less lethal than Delta and more infectious.

Now, by the time late 2021 was around we were approaching 1.2 million dead with a vaccine, that is less effective than immunity but according to Biden, we were approaching nearly 73% vaccinated. How did more people die if the vaccine and boosters were successfully stopping hospitalizations and deaths? So 2/3 were already infected with natural immunity and 2/3 were vaccinated. That means at the very least, 1/3 had both and that number is never talked about. All the asymptomatic people that already had natural immunity that took the vaccine because they never even knew they were sick. So, with a vaccine requiring boosters, the rate of death was higher, with a less lethal omicron variant. And… natural immunity was better. Some research shows 5-6 times better against reinfection than those fully vaccinated.

Now how is that number messed up? Well, fully vaccinated means boosters. If you have the vaccine, but didn’t get the booster, but still die as a result, you are considered not fully vaccinated or put into the unvaccinated column. This is another fact.

I’m using “THE NATURE” research and NIH so even in this research, they are still pushing the vaccine, I’m just using the same numbers against them. Surely you can see the narrative being spoon-fed to you is a lie. In order for the assertions made by our government to be true, every single person infected would have to be tested for the antibodies. So, they just told you the vaccines were working instead of natural immunity, without knowing, because antibodies weren’t tested. Surely you can see that is a lie right in front of you.

So why demonize any therapeutic drug, calling it horse dewormer or fish tank cleaner, claiming anyone that took it was calling poison control and dying, which was flat-out lying too? If they worked, Pfizer, J&J, and Moderna couldn’t get emergency authorization. The same drug companies willfully used Benzine and asbestos in their formulas, knowing they caused cancer and killed people. The same drug companies profit billions from the vaccine at the taxpayer’s expense, with 100% immunity. The same drug companies charging 3000 a dose of Remdesivir that has proven doesn’t work. The same drug company that swore their pill for Covid would be the first therapeutic drug to help stop the drastic symptoms of Covid, but now results prove otherwise. Oh, it cost 600 but they came out and said, oops it doesn’t work for standard-risk patients. It only works on high-risk patients. C’mon. Surely you can smell that BS. If a high-risk person dies it’s plausible deniability. The same drug companies that had to admit their vaccines wouldn’t stop the spread, even though that was the claim by every mainstream media and science source.

So, here is how it gets funnier math

Currently, the CDC had to admit that more unvaccinated people are dying from COVID than those unvaccinated. In fact, it is roughly 6-to-7 out of 10 that are dying are vaccinated. Here is their quick response as to why and it’s quite telling it’s BS.

There are more vaccinated people now…. What?

Why wasn’t that used to explain the same exact reasons for unvaccinated people dying at a higher rate in the beginning? Obviously, there were more unvaccinated people than vaccinated in the beginning so the rate of death would be higher too. If you can’t smell the BS you are seriously experiencing cognitive dissonance.

Select the image below for an article on the higher death rate among vaccinated, as referenced by the CDC

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